Tour d'Arts Alive sportive pics

A set of pics from last Sunday's sportive (26th June) are available on the main event website:



Friday 27th May ride from Church Stretton to Aberystwyth to visit the Aber Cycle Fest and watch the circuit racing - and then ride back on the 28th.

260km and 4,500m of climbing over 2 days.  Route and café stops all planned by Neil.

We met at Plush Hill - eventually there were 7 of us
First of many unusual/great café stops was at Knighton
Robin caught up with us in Rhayader to photo the peloton start the big Elan Valley climb

Day 2 was even better weather and a great route back...
...with more food stops - this one in Llanidlois

The Inbetweener route on Tour d'Arts Alive

This is a new route for 2016 and has provoked a lot of interest - it marks a significant step up from the Short route but doesn't have the major climbs of the Long One.

All routes start in Clun and go East on a wide road which will be traffic-light on a Sunday morning.  This is a warm-up opportunity that turns North and then gets to the first route split - the Short One goes East and starts immediately climbing, the Long and Inbetweener continue together.

After another mile or two there is another split - this time the Inbetweener goes off East, drops down to the A488 for 500m of main road than an extreme left turn off and up - you'd be well advised to get into an easy gear before the turn.  This is a long climb up all the way to Asterton village.  Initially quite steep, then gentle, then one more steep bit before getting to the hamlet.

From Asterton there's a good descent to enjoy then some quite lanes before reaching the Food Stop at Norbury School - cycle in the first entrance and go around the back of the school, you can exit from the 2nd entrance.

Inbetweener preview riders near Lydbury

Shortly after that is a right turn up into the actual village of Norbury and more quiet lanes all the way around to Lydbury.  From here its on to Bishop's Castle and a left turn just before to start heading up the second big hill on the route - the Oakeley Wood climb.  This one is long and quite a bit is hidden at the start.

Another good descent off this climb brings the route back around to its route split - the Inbetweener is a figure of 8 that comes back after its Norbury loop to retrace the way it came out.  It goes back from the Inbtweener split point to the Short route split point - and then joins the Short route to climb up towards Edgton.

From here the route is the same as the Short One - description here.

Inbetweener stats

Distance - 70km / 43 miles
Total climbing - 750m / 2,500ft