Roman Bank, Rushbury

Riding the Hill

Going South-East out of Rushbury you ride along an easy road gently rising up towards an old railway bridge.  It's once you are past this that you get to see the real climbing work and pretty soon you are going up at 15%.

You wind up past high hedges and into wood still going at 15% and then after a last left turn you start to see the top.  You come out on a right turning, loosing all the gradient in one go - no lessening until suddenly you're on the flat.

Ave. Gradient10.3%
Max. Gradient15%
Elevation Gained92m
ConditionsGood, open road
Strava LinkLink

Head South-East out of Rushbury.

Hills nearby
Do Lawley or Bufton's then go over Cardington before getting to Rushbury.

Last word
Keeps its steepness right to the top.

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