Plealey Climb

Riding the Hill
Included partially because of its proximity to Shrewsbury - it's just about the nearest significant hill to the town.

Out of Plealey the road is pretty flat and its not till you reach a couple of houses on the right that it starts going upwards. As the road narrows and turns left it gets steeper and by the time you approach a farm on the left you start to see 13% for just a bit.

The road heads around right and carries on at an easier gradient.  And then levels off just before another farm on the right.  

N.B. Fantastic views to the left here.

Ave. Gradient4.9%
Max. Gradient13%
Elevation Gained104m
ConditionsFarm road - be prepared for mud
Strava LinkLink

Going south out of Plealey you'll see a left-hand turn sign posted Oaks/Wrentnall.  The Strava segment starts immediately.

Hills nearby
Carry on to Pulverbatch and continue to Harold's Bank.

Last word
Not the hardest hill in Shropshire.  Good for training on.

Personal Note - I last climbed this hill 2 years ago, found it really tough and was very impressed that I got up it.  Now, 2 years later, I sailed up it without a problem - moral "You can get better at these hills" (and all my improvement came in the last year).

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