Gleedon Hill, Cressage

Gleedon Hill comes after Cressage.  There is a bit of climbing before this hill (which you might mistake for it) and then a couple of km of flat before you get to it. 

The proper hill starts at the 15% sign (left) and snakes up towards the farmhouse in the far distance.

Past the gradient sign and the cottage on the left the road is already 8% and gets to 10 by the first corner, then continues 10% for the next short straight.
Round the next corner it goes up to 15% and keeps that gradient to the farmhouse on the left - probably just 100m or so.  By the farm things seem to relax quickly and the rest is pretty easy.

No Strava section for just Gleedon Hill - so these figures relate to a longer climb coming out of Cressage and ending at the top of Gleedon Hill

Ave. Gradient
Max. Gradient
Elevation Gained
reasonable "farm roads"
Strava Link

Profile all way from Cressage to the top -
Entering Cressage from the Shrewsbury direction take the 2nd left (so not over the river Severn) and ride 4km before you reach the "proper" climb.

Hills nearby
At the top turn left and drop a long way around to Ironbridge (via Buildwas) to do Jigger's Bank or on to Brockton.

You can approach Gleedon by coming over from Acton Burnel and the Kenley Bank.

Last Word
A toughie as you can be forgiven for thinking all the climbing is over before you even reach the foot of the last pull.

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