Long and hard

Riding the Hill
This climb approaches the little hamlet of Edgton from the West.  You start at a small multiple junction and take a relatively easy road going East.  It starts to gain gradient very gradually over the length of a long straight and as it heads towards the left and into some trees you'll be cycling up an 18% slope.

Further on the gradient eases and you pass through the tiny hamlet of
Lynchgate, and might be thinking it's all over - but a jink towards the left gets you going again at 20%.  This eventually eases as you finally get out on top.  A fork give you a flat option to Edgton on the left or a right-hand drop down towards super-tough Basford Bank.

Ave. Gradient6.9%
Max. Gradient20%
Elevation Gained104m
ConditionsReasonable farm road
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Turning off the B4385 just East of Lydbury North.

Hills nearby
Carry straight on through Edgton, drop left at the fork and try Basford Bank.

Last word

Suprise to find out it's just 1.5km long - its the combination of length plus steepness that makes it a challenge.

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