Kenley Bank

Riding the Hill

Just after the climb out of Acton Burnell you drop down and soon turn left sign-posted to the Langley Chapel.  Roads around here can be muddy and twisty, but soon things get much straighter though that just gives you a better view of what is to come.

A long straight and open lanes give you a good view of Kenley Bank from some distance away.  It's always a bad sign when you can see the climb from distance.

Initially it's 5% slopes, which soon become 12%, and just about the time you think "This isn't so bad", you are on the 17% bit.  Luckily it's only a bit and soon you are on 15% then 12 and then you are up on top at the T-junction, and that's it. 

Ave. Gradient7.7%
Max. Gradient17%
Elevation Gained43m
ConditionsClean open road
Strava LinkLink

Drop down from Ruckley going towards the Langley Chapel.

Last word
Short but sweet.

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