Minton Rd, Church Stretton

Popular and short

Riding the Hill
This is a popular route out of Church Stretton going south - just about the only way of avoiding the A49, and the climb itself is short.  Down a lane that always seems to be muddy and strewn with hedge debris (this autumn it was acorns littering the centre of the climb) you go over a reasonable ride before dropping down and curving left before getting to the start of the real climb.

Things ramp up quite quickly and as you go under the trees its already quite steep (16%).  By the end of this tunnel of trees you'll be at a full 20% but it all disappears as soon as you see the light and come out immediately into the hamlet of Minton.

Ave. Gradient14%
Max. Gradient20%
Elevation Gained44m
ConditionsVery mucky farm road
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Go to Little Stretton and turn right at the Ragleth Inn, then go left and then next right.

Hills nearby
Once over Minton you can head towards Edgton on an easy climb and then do Bufton's Bank.  Alternatively, head right at the main road and go around to eventually meet Asterton Bank.

Last word
A dirty, mucky road and then a surprisingly steep climb out of the valley.

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