Stiperstones from Bridges

There are a number of roads going up to Stiperstones so this description is for the route starting from Bridges.  You are already high up so the 163m you gain gets you up to 426m height.

Riding the Hill
If you are approaching Bridges from the Shrewsbury direction you need to cross a small river (the Onny) and immediately turn right.  After this turning you drop slightly and go along a dead straight road. At
the end of this the serious climbing starts with a ramp up through the woods and to the right.  The gradient is steep with a short bit of 25% as you come out of the trees and curve around left - this is a dauntingly steep section.

Luckily its over soon but there then follows a long 10%+ "normal" climb which is tough after the earlier challenge.  Eventually, this tops out and you arrive in a high moor which some flat bits plus a final ramp up
to the entrance of the Stiperstones car park.  

On a good day you will have spectacular landscape views to your left.

Ave. Gradient4.9%
Max. Gradient25%
Elevation Gained163m
ConditionsOpen farm road
Strava LinkLink

Go to Bridges and take the dead straight road going right (if approaching from Shrewsbury).

Hills nearby
Approach the turning for this clim from the north and via Harold's Bank, or come over the Burway and drop down.

Last word The steep bit is a definite challenge - it comes so early in the climb, and then the continuing gradient stops you from recovering.

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