Hugley Hill

Riding the Hill

This is a big one.  Going South out of Hughley you head along open roads directly towards the Wenlock Edge ridge.  You can see the hedgerow climbing up towards the left and can see it's going to be quite a climb.

Initial 5% gradients get you up to a left curve and the long hedgerow straight.  Woodland to the right and open views towards the Ironbridge power station on the left.  By now you are on 10 to 12% inclines.

Another slight curve to the left gets you in amongst the woods on both sides now and on to a long straight of consistent 12 to 13%.  What's difficult is how you can see probably half a kilometre extending up ahead of you at the same gradient.

At the end of this there is a further slight curve to the left and a last bit which goes up at 16% briefly.  You come out on a semi-busy/fast road on top of the edge.

Ave. Gradient6.6%
Max. Gradient16%
Elevation Gained115m
ConditionsDark in the woods and with some
quarry traffic coming down a
relatively wide road.
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Head south out of Hughley - look for the high ridge covered in woods.

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Last word
This hill approaches some of the continental style hills - long straights and plenty of 10%+ gradient - if you X by 10 you'd have something similar to a minor hill in the alps...

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