Habberley Hill, near Pulverbatch

Short but sweet

Riding the Hill
Between Habberley and Pulverbatch is this little hill.  Start is just beside Oaks Wood and the gradient goes up very gently to begin before gradually steepening.  As you turn slightly left it gets really steep - 14 to 16% through overhanging trees, and then there is a long further stretch of 8% before you can relax.

Ave. Gradient8.9%
Max. Gradient16%
Elevation Gained55m
Conditions"Country road"
Strava LinkLink

Go to Habberley then head East signposted to Pulverbatch.

Hills nearby
You can approach Habberley via the Ash Lee climb, and once you've done Habberley you can go on to Harold's Bank just past Pulverbatch.

Last word
Surprisingly tough - especially the last part of further climbing after you've had to go all out to get up the steep middle bit.

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