The hills are calling

There comes a time when a cyclist has to head for the hills

You've avoided them so far.  But friends drop you on them. And sportive events deliberately go over them.

You need to grit your teeth and start climbing.

But which hills to climb?  Where are they?  Which ones are the most challenging?  The most satisfying to climb?

This is a new cycling blog from Rideventures Andy Dawson about climbing hills in Shropshire, and going on rides with others (you can join in) and doing local sportives and events.

First off, I'm listing all the hills I can think of, and describing what it's like to ride up them.  Can you help?

Got a good hill to recommend?

How to get involved:
  1. Suggest a hill
  2. Add a comment to a hill already covered
  3. Spread the word - tell a friend, Like on Facebook, Tweet
  4. Oh yeah - go ride up the hills
That's it.  More to follow during October so check back to keep up to date.

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