Woolstaston, Church Stretton

Long and sneaky

Just a simple, unassuming turning off the A49 in Leebotwood (between Church Stretton and Shrewsbury) will start you on the long climb up and through Woolstanton.  By the end you'll be high up on the Long Mynd hill at 461m, and you'll have gained over 300m.

Riding the Hill

It starts off relatively easy along Station Road and then gets to 10% for a short while after the rail bridge.  This soon eases into long straights of between 4 and 6% gradients which can be traversed at a reasonable pace.  Eventually you reach the little village of Woolstaston and by now you are wondering what all the fuss is about - it doesn't seem that difficult.

Through the village go right.  Things start to get steeper from here and pretty soon you'll be reaching for all your gears as the road goes up to 20%.  I think I even saw 25% on the Garmin over one particular ramp.  This is a straight road so you can see the difficulties that lie ahead, eventually it lessens to perhaps 15% and then after a further straight you are down at 10%.

There's still plenty of hill up hear (now you are out on top of the Mynd) and you need to keep going over another brow and on to the cattle grid.  If you are doing the Strava segment don't stop here - keep going for at least another 100m to get to the end.

Ave. Gradient6%
Max. Gradient25%
Elevation Gained326m
ConditionsCleanish farm roads
Strava LinkLink

In the village of Leebotwood turn off the A49 main road down Station Road.

Hills nearby
Carry on over the desolate Long Mynd, drop down to Bridges and try Stiperstones.

Last word
I call it sneaky because its in two halves - up to the village is pretty easy but long, and after is pretty hard, and long.