Brockton, Ironbridge

A sharp, short climb out of the Gorge

If you cycle through Ironbridge then out past the town on what must be one of the weirdest bits of road - looks like a history of subsidence means there are all kinds of unexpected rises, falls and off-camber corners.

Further on, past the YHA on the right and over a narrow road bridge you come to this road junction and unsighted left turn - with a sharply rising gradient - so you start at zero mph and grind your way up the initial 16%

After maybe 150m it smooths out a bit to 8% and heads up towards a cottage and left turning.
Be warned: the steepest bit is just around this corner here.  My Garmin went up to 19% - sorry no piccies of this bit - I was busy climbing it.

Very soon you are over the 19% and just past these buildings on the left its suddenly just 3% - but its a long drag all the way up this straight road to the actual top, and finishes on 5%


Ave. Gradient6.5%
Max. Gradient19%
Elevation Gained80m
ConditionsSteep but clean road
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Brockton - profile
More hills nearby - the Wrekin and Jigger's Bank

Hills nearby
Jigger's Bank, Gleedon and The Wrekin.

Ride out of Ironbridge going east alongside the river Severn.  Keep going with the river on your right.  Go past the China Museum and the YHA then over a narrow road bridge and youll see the start.

Last Word
A tough one especially as its difficult to carry much speed into the climb.

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  1. Another steep climb that can nearly burst your lungs on the first time of doing it but it makes you feel good to get to the top without getting off :-)