Asterton Bank, Long Mynd

Not Recommended!

Riding the Hill
This is an infamous hill and fully deserves its reputation. Cyclists speak in hushed tones about this hill - its easily the toughest in Shropshire and presents a significant psychological challenge.

Start is a side turning in Asterton, around the "back" of the Long Mynd.  There's a red telephone box and a gateway with cattle grid.  You start climbing immediately and need to be quick over the cattle grid - it's on a slope so you have to power over the slippy bars or risk coming to a halt midway over.

The climbing is immediately challenging with a 25% left corner taking you up onto a long straight of equal gradient.  Part of the challenge is there being no lead up to this level of effort, instead you are immediately out of the saddle and in danger of grinding to a halt.  The danger of not being able to unclip before you wobble over is a real one.

This incredibly steep, straight road is daunting in terms of being able to see how much more there is before any prospect of relief.  A mossy/gravelly middle of road also leaves little room for weaving about, too.

Eventually you'll go right around a small rock outcrop and then the gradient lessens, and you are done and on top of the Long Mynd.

Ave. Gradient17.1%
Max. Gradient25%
Elevation Gained172m
ConditionsVery difficult
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Go to Asterton and look for the telephone box.  Asterton Bank is "around the back" of the Long Mynd, on The Portway.

Hills nearby
Once you are on top you can descend The Burway, or head over towards Stiperstones.  If you start in Church Stretton you can reach Asterton via Minton Rd or approach from the south via Edgton.

Last word
Very difficult and dangerous climb.  I would suggest you take a look at the cattle grid before attempting to cycle over it, and it may also pay to approach the turning for the climb carrying enough speed to get you over the cattle grid and onto the steep part quickly.  After that good luck!

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