Lawley Tripleberg

Hard to find, harder to climb.

Behind this ridge is the Lawley Tripleberg
Just about 15km south of Shrewsbury is the Lawley and the start of the Stretton Hills.  Down a lane that very few people venture there's a real challenge - the Lawley Tripleberg.

Riding the Hill
Here's the start of the actual climb - see how the road kicks up and left - yeah that's it!Reminds me of a continental climb turn.
Immediately after that you go past a carpark on the right for the Lawley Hill and it gets really steep - Garmin says 23%.  This is the first part of the triple and requires an all out effort to get up.  You think you've done the worst...

Pretty soon it flattens right out and even has a good dip down before you are greeted by this sight - not too steep but definitely upwards and long:

At the end of this you get to Lodge Hill, the road goes right and really goes upwards - long and straight - it actually goes steeper towards the end and then flattens out (comparatively).  Here's the view looking down it:
This bit is a definite test of character - mainly because you can see it all the way from the bottom.

And that's not the end.  There's a further dip and flat ride before the final, short climb up to the ridge - but this last bit is easy compared to what you've already done.

Ave. Gradient4%
Max. Gradient23%
Elevation Gained129m
Conditionsnarrow, gravel section
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Tripleberg profile - with thanks to 
More hills nearby - Bufton's Bank

 Location - head South out of Longnor village 'til you come to a cross roads - Acton Burnell is left, on towards Church Stretton is right - and straight ahead is the Triple.

Hills nearby
An alternative way over the same ridge is to go up Bufton's Bank.  Either way you can carry on to Cardington and then go over to Roman Bank.

Last word - the Triple is a tough one.  The steep first part get you going, the flats and drops mean you have no excuse to slow down (if you want a good Strava time) and the 2nd climb is a real character test.


  1. Rode this today, the second part is definitely the hardest but I managed it I didn't go for a fast time but just to make it very pleased

  2. Well done. Yes, its a challenge just to complete this hill without stopping!