Riding the Hill

Going South out of Cardington village (by the church) you initially drop down then cross a stream bridge and start heading past a farm on the left.  The road is often exceptionally muddy all around here.  Keeping straight on the road start going upwards, you leave the mud behind and then as you curve left the full challenge becomes apparent.  The road really rears up in an unexpected way and usually you have to get out of your saddle to get up it.  It's a short but easily 20% ramp that eases relatively soon and you are out on top.

Ave. Gradient5.9%
Max. Gradient20%
Elevation Gained48m
ConditionsMuddy beginning
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South out of Cardington centre.

Hills nearby
Approach Cardington via Burton's Bank or Lawley Triple Berg.  And go on to Roman Bank just past Rushbury.

Last word
Its a surprise and a shock, you just don't expect the steep end part on such a modest little hill.

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