Jigger's Bank, Ironbridge

Long and No. 38 in 100 Greatest

Riding the Hill
This climb starts right down beside the River Severn in the Ironbridge Gorge.  You take an unprepossessing mini-roundabout and go up Dale road at a very easy gradient.  

Pretty soon you come to a set of traffic lights that interrupts the flow and its only after this that things get steeper.

...it gets steeper, going up to 10% and long

Go under a metal bridge and you start to see the real climb open out - 8 to 10% up a long straight may be 1km long.  Towards the end it starts to wiggle and you go past a couple of cut-rock faces - reminiscent of alpine scenes - before topping out at a much bigger roundabout.
Ave. Gradient4.6%
Max. Gradient10%
Elevation Gained122m
Conditionssmooth road with some traffic
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As you approach Ironbridge from the West along the road beside the river look out for one of the first mini-roundabouts with "Dale Road" sign prominent.

Hills nearby Another climb nearby - the Wrekin - and another - Brockton

Last word
If you are looking for some training towards climbing a continental col then Jigger's Bank will give you a impression of what one is like - just x12 it and you'll have the Col du Glandon!  

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