Acton Burnell climb

Riding the Hill

Going straight south from the cross roads in Acton Burnell you are soon going slightly upwards and out of the village.  Nice clean, open road with plenty of room for the minimal traffic - its just about the easiest way to go south and over the first ridges of Wenlock Edge.

Most of the hill is at 5 to 6% but it does go on for quite a distance.  To the right are great views over towards the Long Mynd.
Ave. Gradient5.4%
Max. Gradient6%
Elevation Gained59m
ConditionsOpen and clean
Strava LinkLink

Take the turning for Ruckley and Causeway Wood coming out of Acton Burnell.

Last word
Easiest way out and over the initial hill ridges going south from Shrewsbury.

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