Toughest Shropshire Hill you've never heard of...

Rest stop after climbing Park Lane

Thursday group ride went south yesterday and found a really tough hill.  Variously called Park Lane climb or the Weo Ridge, it's just west of Onibury but you approach it from the Aston-on-Clun side.

The narrow lane with 5% gradient goes up pretty straight - you can see it ramping up ahead and once you are under the trees it 10% plus.  The real difficulty is the length - it goes on and on, and steepens.  Small twists mean you can't see very far ahead so its very disappointing to push hard over the slopes in the hope that the hill MUST flatten out, only to discover it gets steeper, instead.  Probably 18% by the end.  The top is beside a house on the left.

Here's the Strava section - only 33 people have ever climbed it on Strava (July 25th 2014) - truly an undiscovered gem.

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