Weston Bank

Riding the Hill

Once in the small hamlet of Priestweston head north-east and upwards from the cross-roads.  There's a short steep bit and then you pass the Miner's Arms pub on the left and head around towards the left and upwards.  You pass a "17%" sign which is useful, clearly there is something serious up ahead...

Initially tree cover hides what is to come and it is possible to set a pace that isn't going to be sustainable. If you take it slow however almost the full length of the steep hill soon becomes apparent - it wobbles upwards relatively straight and looks like it gets steeper towards the end (which is correct).   This long bit is pretty much at 15% the whole way and goes on for approximately 500m.  You'd be forgiven for thinking this is the hardest part but it's not.

Right at the end it kicks up most probably to 20% for the final 50m.  This can be defeating, definitely a hill to take carefully and keep something back for the last push.  Almost immediately you top out and find a useful pull over spot on the left to catch your breath and admire the views.

Weston Bank is the first major challenge on the Clun Sportive.


Ave. Gradient13%
Max Gradient20%
Elevation Gained95m
Conditionsrelatively wide, clean road
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